The Bends on Mon 8/1/16

Artist Title Album
Helloween Crazy Cat Chameleon
Thank You Scientist Blood On The Radio Maps Of Non-Existant Places
Mr. Bungle Egg Mr. Bungle
Coco Bryce Dis Cam Belie ?
A Perfect Circle Counting Bodies Like Sheep To The Rhythm Of The War Drums Emotive
Jizue Unnecessary Pain Novel
Juanita Juarez Overdrive Me Home Spa Boy
Ozric Tentacles San Pedro The Yum Yum Tree
Aesop Rock The Harbor Is Yours None Shall Pass

The Bends

This program is not on the schedule.
Monday 7-8pm
Monday 7-8pm
Friday 2-3pm
Do you have bad taste? So do we! Tune in for as long as you can muster as Jon and Jody make you cry with foul music written by cats. Now in its third iteration, we have somehow struck the perfect balance of integrity and passion, ignoring both with equal fervor to deliver the blandest, most unimaginative drivel this side of Philadelphia. You're welcome?
The Brown Note
Lawn Mowers