Cool Times and Sad Jams covered by ianwnorris on Mon 10/3/16

James is sick and so Brendan & I covered!

Artist Title Album New
True Widow Back Shredder Avvolgere
Preoccupations Memory Preoccupations
Katie Dey Fear O the Light Flood Network
Ricky Eat Acid Nice to See You Nice to See You
BLEO A_Merican_Skweeez (feat. STARPAUSE) Duet
Daguerreotype Room with a View Daguerreotype Vol. 2
Smerz Blessed Blessed
Cluster, Eno Ho Renomo Cluster & Eno
Noname, Xavier Omar All I Need (feat. Xavier Omar) Telefone
Iglooghost, Mr. Yote Mametchi / Usohachi (ft. Mr. Yote) Chinese Nü Yr
Blithe Field Milkshakes in the Rain Face Always Toward the Sun
froyo ma there random sh*t
Lapalux Flowers Nostalchic
Oneohtrix Point Never Remember Replica
Faust Jennifer Faust IV
Tangerine Dream exit Exit
LCD Soundsystem Thrills LCD Soundsystem
Tobacco Gods in Heat Sweatbox Dynasty
NAH a man that says no (nobody cares what happens no one's interested) PURCHASE
Trio Da Da Da (I Don't Love You You Don't Love Me Aha Aha Aha) Da Da Da
Kraftwerk Pocket Calculator Computer World
CAN Vitamin C Ege Bamyasi
Freddie Gibbs, Madlib Thuggin' Piñata Beats
Madvillain Rhinestone Cowboy Madvillainy

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