Cool Times and Sad Jams on Mon 10/17/16


Artist Title Album New Local
Angel Olson Give It Up MY WOMAN
Yohuna Steel Sinks Patientness
Procedure Club Something Was Strange Pinky Swear
overlord You're Gonna Love This One The Well-Tempered Overlord
Owen Lost The King of Whys
TTNG Coconut Crab Dissappointment Island
Their / They're / There Travelers Insurance Analog Weekend
Dikembe Micheal Jordank Chicago Bowls
Alex G People Trick
Algernon Cadwallader Parrot Flies Parrot Flies
P.S. Elliot Incoherent Love Songs Introverted Romance
Forth Wanderers Painting of Blue Tough Love
Sorority Noise Using Joy, Departed
American Football Desire Gets in the Way American Football
Marietta Are You Afraid Of God? No, But I'm Afraid Of You As It Were
Glocca Morra Gun Control An Obscure Moonlighting An Obscure World
The Hotelier Soft Animal Goodness
Stay Ahead Of The Weather Get Old Or Die Tryin' We Better Get Goin' If We're Gonna
Spraynard Out Of Body Mable
Two Knights Thomas Rabon: Rydel High Class President Innards/Two Knights Split
Knola Weight To The Rhythm
Owls Four Works Of Art... TWO
Sinceres Coy Fish Sinceres EP
Birthmark Find Yourself How You Look When You're Falling Down
Clever Girl Jumbo Clever Girl
The Brave Little Abacus Don't Come Around Here No More (Please) Okumay
Maps & Atlases Living Decorations Living Decorations
The Dodos Don't Stop No Color

3rd Impact

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This is something FAR more sinister.
Drum and Bass
Lizard Core
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