Basement Club on Mon 10/31/16

Basement Club: FEST 15 edition!

Artist Title Album New
Vasudeva In Lieu of Youth Life In Cycles
Ray & Remora Soft Brown Heart Startle It Up
The Winter Passing Penny Chains A Different Space of Mind
Worriers Yes All Cops Imaginary Life
Big Eyes Just Not Right Stake My Claim
Carnival Youth Flowers Propeller
Batwings Catwings Breathless Coast to Coast
Everyone Leaves Better Love The Lonely End
Pity Party Mama, I Can Save Us Both Gnarbage
The Pauses Go North A Cautionary Tail
Vanessa Silberman Awake & Feeling Single
Insignifigant Other estafador la gente guapa come fruta fea
Kamikaze Girls Stitches Sad
Katie Ellen Wild Heart TV Dreams
Jabber Nineteen Jabber, N/A
Husbandry Took a Chance on the Bent Edge Fera
Weakened Friends She's so Cool Crushed
Labasheeda Bad News For Batman Twilight
Megafauna It's So Simple Welcome Home

Basement Club

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