Dusty Honey Radio on Fri 11/11/16

Artist Title Album New Local
LVL UP Naked in the River with the Creater Return to Love
Little Big League Deer Head Tropical Jinx
Deap Heat 10 Mercenary Still Life
Haybaby Elevator Song Sleepy KIds
Cayetana Mountain Kids Nervous Like Me
All Dogs Say All Dogs- EP
Crying Children of the Wind Beyond the Fleeting Gales
Westkust Dishwasher Last Forever
Sun Hat Chemicals Pet Shapes
Happy Diving River Will Flow Electric Soul Unity
Batwings Catwings Sky Blue Haze Coast to Coast
Fraternal Twin Big Dipper Homeworlding
Doubles Plant N/A
The Cure Taking Off The Cure
THICK Anymore Its Always Something
Peaer IHSYA Paear
IAN SWEET Quietly Streaming Shapeshifter
Warehouse Long Exposure super low
Harmony Tividad costume jewelry yes and hello
Alex G So Trick
Mannequin Pussy Romantic Romantic
Plush Fixes Please
Joanna Gruesome Occult Bookshop Pretty Fucking Sick (of It All)
Dan Svizeny Always Daytripping Every Weekend
Sheer Mag Hard Lovin 7"
The Sugarcubes Pump Here Today, Tomorrow, Next Week
Sports When Morning Comes Sunchokes

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