Basement Club on Mon 11/14/16

ugly week :( pretty music :)

Artist Title Album New Local
tombo crush absense loud crunch
Abi Reimold Dust Wriggling
garden club no nonsense best buds EP
Japanese Breakfast Psychopomp Rugged Country
High Waisted Hey Hey On Ludlow
Cool Ghouls Sundials Animal Races
Kississippi Indigo We Have No Future, We're All Doomed
Julien Baker Everybody Does Sprained Ankle
Fox Academy Mourning Luxury Beverage
Pink Section Wine World Pink Section
Boosegumps Best Friends :)
Forth Wanderers Know Better Slop EP
Soft Lions Pretty Enough XOXO
Camp Cope Done Camp Cope
Sneaks No Problem Gymnastics
Sad13 Hype Slugger
Well Wisher i'll go i'll go
Nothing To Lose Merriment Backwards
Free Cake For Every Creature Talking Quietly Of Anything With You Talking Quietly Of Anything With You

Basement Club

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The kind of music Morrissey probably listens to when he's angry, confused, or having an afternoon snack
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