Dusty Honey Radio on Fri 12/16/16

last show of 2016!!!!!

Artist Title Album New
Fraternal Twin Spinning Fan Homewording
LVL UP She Sustains Us Return to Love
Mannequin Pussy Anything Romantic
Never Young Main Stacks Master Copy
All Dogs Skin Kicking Every Day
Outdoor Miners Twelve Hundred Dollars Twelve Hundred Dollars
Ovlov Where's My Dini? Am
The Sugarcubes Deus Life's Too Good
Brandon Can't Dance 17 LXVE EP
Try the Pie Inevitabilities Domestication
Forth Wanderers Nerves Slop EP
Shunkan Everybody Wants to Die The Pink Noise
Happy Diving Sad Planet Big World
Sourpatch Never (Ever Ever) Enough Crushin'
Bulldog Eyes Blister II Asleep
Melkbelly Scrupulous Pennsylvania
Scooterbabe Deathscene/Half Decent The Sorrow You've Been Toting Around
The Spirit of the Beehive You Are Arrived YOU ARE ARRIVED (but you've been cheated)
Sports When Morning Comes Sunchokes
Crying Well and Spring Beyond the Fleeting Gales
ex wife Ageless New Colors
Porches Mood Pool
Florist I Was The Birds Outside Sang
Pinegrove Aphasia Cardinal
Ratboys Not Again Not Again
Frankie Cosmos Fool Next Thing
Cat Power Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

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