the Shoobie Show on Fri 2/24/17

see you tonight?

Artist Title Album Label New Local
CHILDBIRTH siri, open tinder women's rights
GIRLPOOL blah blah blah
COLLEEN GREEN you're so cool sock it to me
TENNIS it all feels the same young & old
SPORTS saturday all of something
SPORTS getting on in spite of you all of something
TALL GRANDMA knows you well knows you well
SHANNEN MOSER a funeral, a friend, my sanity oh, my heart
CRAFT SPELLS after the moment idle labor
JAPANESE BREAKFAST everybody wants to love you psychopomp
TWEENS bored in the city s/t
DUDE YORK black jack sincerely hardly art
COURTNEY BARNETT pedestrian at best sometimes i sit and think, and sometimes i just sit
HOMESHAKE every single thing fresh air
ALLAH-LAS autumn dawn autumn dawn/ hereafter (alternative take)
LUCID DREAMS cherry glazerr apocalipstick
PEACHES boys wanna be her impeach MY BUSH

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