Post-this Post-that Radio on Mon 2/27/17

With KIrby Bell spinning from 7-8.... Electric Love Muffin to Up-Tight!

Artist Title Album Label New Local
Spectrum Feels like I'm slipping way Forever Alien Silvertone
Darkside High Rise 12" Situation Two
999 Fun Thing The biggest prize in sport Albion
Biff Bang Pow She kills me Songs for the sad eyed girl Creation
Tinariwen Tenere Taqqal Elwan Anti
Primitons Deception Happy all the time What Goes On
Charalambides Of March Historic 6th Ward Wholly Other
Nuno Rebelo Pink Pong Way Out New Music from Portugal Vol 1 AnAnAnAna
High Rise Sadame Speed free sonic Paratactile
Bastro Sketch for sleepy Teen Beat 50 Teen Beat/Matador
Rhys Chatham/Gary Smith/Pat Thomas Live at Now 98
Electric Love Muffin Sperm of the Times Rassafranna Restless
Purling Hiss Fever High Bias Drag City
Honey Radar Caterpillar Blank Cartoon What's Your Rapture?
Writhing Squares Astral Plane In the void above Siltbreeze
Mind Over Mirrors Gray Clearer Undying Color Paradise of Bachelors
R. Stevie Moore For Vini What's the Point? Cuneiform
Savage Republic (Democratique et Populaire, SR) So it is written Jamahiriya Fundamental
The Orwells Body reprise Terrible Human Beings Canvasback/Atlantic
Dream Syndicate Sure Thing EP That's what you always say Down There
Peter Sibleman Song 1 Impermanence Anti
Soft Machine As lang as he lies perfectly still Volume Two
Free LSD's Badtrip Macabra EP Angel PLay
Up-Tight The beginning of the end The Beginning of the End 8mm

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