the Shoobie Show on Thu 4/6/17

please be careful

first 100 days comp

who is he <3

Artist Title Album New Local
VAGABON minneapolis infinite worlds
DIET CIG barf day swear i'm good at this
BONOBO kerala migration
CAYETANA hot dad calendar nervous like me
SLEATER-KINNEY good things call the doctor
PISSED JEANS have you ever been furniture why love now
JAPANESE BREAKFAST in heaven psychopomp
THE ORWELLS they put a body in the bayou terrible human beings
MYSTIC BRAVES mystic rabbit s/t
SALES crash live audiotree session
HINDS when it comes to you holograma
INTO IT. OVER IT. bergen bessen november 8th 2016 first 100 days
BLUE SMILEY pray return
ALEX G after ur gone dsu
THE AQUADOLLS don't mean jack

the Shoobie Show

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