the Shoobie Show on Thu 5/18/17

Artist Title Album Label New Local
mild high club tesselation skiptracing Kirsten's fav band tune in to Cats Pajams 2.0 every monday @ 11am
froth briefly outside (briefly)
animal collective for reverend green strawberry jam 2007!!! woah (per REQUEST)
beach house gila devotion 2008!! throwback thursday okay !!
los fritos la fiesta de distraciones DE BUENOS AIRES!
adult mom drive me home drive me home
alex g bobby
THE DRUMS blood under my belt new single!!!!!!!!!!! per request!
tashaki miyaki cool runnings the dream
elliott smith i figured you out either/or previously unreleased tracks courtesy of kill rock stars from 1997
emisario greda gotas de cristal gotas de cristal
free cake for every creature first summer in a city talking quietly of anything with you
black lips not a problem let it bloom
hoops on letting go routines

the Shoobie Show

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