All Animals Attack All Humans on Tue 10/6/09

Artist Title Album
Misfits halloween
Night Of Pleasure ceasar's palace
U.X.A. u.x.a.
Crass where next colombus?
No Trend fashion tips for the 80s
Cock ESP big show / no go
Mission Of Burma new nails
Performin Ferrets new one
The Fall totally wired
Dow Jones and The Industrials let's go steady
Einsturzende Neubauten kollaps
Pink Reason going home
Egor street (live)
Los Llamarada a chance to become transparent
Clockcleaner new slow
Crucifucks similar items
Rudimentary Peni media person
Sand In The Face teenage life
Idiot Savants try and get out
Bad Brains the regulator
Psycho national clock society
S.O.A. disease
Sic Alps put the puss to bed
Plagal Grind starless road
Shellac coat
Drunkdriver warm on the inside
Kites autosevocom
Droughter gemini harm
Plows keep busy
Homosexuals vociferous slam
Josef K crazy to exist
No More suicide commando
Modern English gathering dust
Blue Orchids low profile

All Animals Attack All Humans

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Tuesday 5-8pm
All Animals Attack All Humans on Tuesdays from 11pm to 1am. Punk died in '78 but that's ok. Seriously, tune in. You need these songs to purge you of 1+ too many years of not too fully realized existence