Post-This Post-That Radio on Mon 6/26/17

Artist Title Album Label New Local
Can Soup Ego Bamyasi
The i.l.y's Gargoyle Bodyguard Castle Face
Crystalized Movements What answer? Revelations From Pandemonium Twisted Village
Bonnie Prince Billy and Nathan Salsburg Fare you will, My Little Annie Darling 7" Paradise of Bachelors
Scram! Here Tonight Stand Up BYO
Photon Band Life It Comes and Goes Songs of Rapture and Hatered Nod & Smile
Here Lies Man You Ain't Goin' Nowhere Here Lies Man Riding Easy
Ebo Taylor Heaven 7" Mr. Bongo
Petalouda What can you do in your life V/A Psych Funk 101 World Psychedelic Funk Classics
Bardo Pond Crossover Under the Pines Fire
Moon Duo Mirror's Edge Occult Architecture Vol. 2 Sacred Bones
Pin Group Coat 11 years later 7" Siltbreeze
The Moles This is a happy Garden EP
On the Waters Sun Temple Superposition
Endless Boogie Jefferson County Vibe Killer No Quarter
Mountain Movers Angels don't worry s/t Trouble in Mind
Watery Love Meg's Dreamcatcher Riche Summer Series 2016 7" Richie Records
Tar Teetering 7" Touch and Go
Sheer Mag Point Breeze 7"
Flying Saucer Attack Outdoor Miner 7" Domino
Rowland S. Howard & Nikki Sudden Wedding Hotel Wedding Hotel EP Creation
These immortal souls Marry Me (Lie Lie) EP Mute
The Baird Sisters Where the waters fall Until you find your green Ba Da Bing

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