Poltergeist on Mon 6/26/17

Artist Title Album New Local
Palberta Jaws Bye Bye Berta
Palberta Finish My Bread Bye Bye Berta
(Sandy) Alex G Witch Rocket
Show Me The Body, Dreamcrusher Hungry Corpus I
Cooking Coming Down Cooking (With Gas)
Girlpool Soup Powerplant
Fern Mayo New Ketamine Hex Signs
Pharmakon Sentient Contact
Lala Lala Exorcism Lala Lala
John Maus Matter of Fact We Must Become the Pitiless Censors of Ourselves
Palm Trying Shadow Expert
Arthur Russell Being It World of Echo
Data Alone! Divine Creature
Old Maybe Metal June Piggity Pink
Mar Fill Your Lungs Fill Your Lungs
T-Rextasy Yellow Jacket Boy Jurassic Punk
Spirit Of The Beehive future looks bright (it's blinding) Pleasure Suck
Ovlov Milk Am
Jesus Piece Mantra Summer '16 Promo
Gunk Look In Eyes Gunk
Horse Jumper of Love July 5th Horse Jumper of Love
Alex Napping Heart Swells 2.0 Mise En Place
Lexie It's Nothing Record Time!
Aye Nako Maybe She's Bored With It Silver Haze
Perfect Pussy I I Have Lost All Desire For Feeling
Velvet Underground All Tomorrow's Parties Velvet Underground 45th Anniversary


This program is not on the schedule.
Monday 8-10pm
Monday 1-3pm
/ˈpōltərˌɡīst/ a ghost or other supernatural being supposedly responsible for physical disturbances such as loud noises and objects thrown around.