Washington Avenue Blues on Thu 10/5/17

Episode 2

Artist Title Album New Local
Mischief Brew Bad Heart This Is Not For Children
Rich People Dream Envy Dream Envy
Days N Daze Blue Jays Rogue Taxidermy
The Virus Already Dead
76ixties U.S. Bombs
Pat The Bunny Bitter Old Man
Matt Pless Ashtray
Homeless Gospel Choir Luxury Problems
Alvvays Dreams Tonight
Matt Pond PA A Spark
Alyeska Lilacs
Church Girls Glass
Frankly Lost UDF
Some Birds 90s Emo
Local News Legend No Rehab!
Dream Wife Fire
The Side Eyes Cat Call So Sick
Kyuss Writhe
Soggy Beard Taxi Driver
Against Me! Pints of Guiness Make You Strong Reinventing Axl Rose
Cigarettes After Sex Apocalypse Cigarettes After Sex
The Lippies 302
The Districts Why Would I Wanna Be
Gogol Bordello Saboteur Blues
Thee Oh Sees Nite Expo ORC
Tiger's Jaw June Spin
Gordi Resovoir On My Side Gordi Resovoir

Washington Avenue Blues

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Brendan desperately tries to breathe new life into rapidly dying genres. And showcases bands.
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