Snack Time on Wed 10/25/17

Xavi guest mix

Artist Title Album Label New Local
----- Cynabel ----- ----- Show Mix -----
lust the light you bring Nemuri Winter Vol 2 Nemuri Winter
mvnners suidice dream I camden SXN
Prototyp3 Lushville Welcome to Lushville Night Swim Records
Nai Palm Molasses Needle Paw Sony Masterworks
RL Grime Era (Inverness remix)
Chloe Recall ft. Ben Shemie (Original mix) Endless Revisions
----- Xavi ----- ----- Guest Mix -----
Xavi Bitcrushed Adventure
SSkrillex Kyoto (Sakuraburst remix)
Madeon Pay No Mind (Jaron remix)
Owl City Fireflies (Xavi remix)
ID Sea of Voices bootleg
Xavi ID
synthe aeries
Roxas Dedsec
Xavi The End of Us
Xavi ID
lonemoon Forever
Xavi ID
kuumo / ra b b I t \
Xavi 10,000 Guns
K?d Discover (yitaku remix)
Xavi ID
Porter Robinson Sad Machine (Xavi remix)
Xavi Kill the Pain
Zaphyre shifted
Akari Back Home
Xavi ID
Xavi That Feeling
Synthion Ion (Xavi remix)
Xavi ID
Xavi ID
Xavi What We Once Were
Xavi ID
Madeon Innocence (Xavi remix)
----- Cynabel ----- ----- Show Mix -----
mvnners waking up next to someone you love camden SXN
fragile. untitled no. 3 blank ep
Shoji would you believe me if I told you I love you? Nemuri Winter Vol 2 Nemuri Winter
acounta x VALKYRIE NEM Nemuri Winter
E1SBAR Cold Love of Rococo Looser Futurism
St. Vincent Masseduction Masseduction
Kllo Predicament Backwater Ghostly
Nai Palm Crossfire/So Into You Needle Drop Sony Masterworks
Prototyp3 Bubblegum Clouds Welcome to Lushville Nightswim Records
Chloe Outer Space Endless Revisions
ahiru Cherry Plum Nemuri Winter Vol 2 Nemuri Winter
Myles Jaeger Cause I Want To
Kllo Not Like This Backwater Ghostly
Floret Loret Into the Woods
Wafia Bodies

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