Music Against the Patriarchy on Thu 10/26/17

Artist Title Album New
Weaves #53 Wide Open
Oh Pep! Doctor Doctor Stadium Cake
Pylon Cool Gyrate
Shopping The Hype single
Mal Blum Cool Party You A Lot Like Me
Cults Offering Offering
joyride! Running On Empty Half Moon Bay
Raincoats Lola s/t
Holiday Ghosts In My Head s/t
Girl Ray Stupid Things Earl Grey
Free Cake for Every Creature For You Talking Quietly of Anything with You
Radiator Hospital Half Empty Play the Songs You Like
Avi Buffalo What's It In for s/t
Saturday Looks Good to Me Since You Stole My Heart Every Morning
Tangerine Feel This Way Radical Blossom
Florist What I wanted to Hold If Blue Could Be Happiness
Vashti Bunyan Some Things Just Stick in Your Mind s/t
Deerhoof I Will Spite Survive Mountain Moves
Noun Feel the Darkness Throw Your Body On the Gears and Stop the Macine with Your Blood
Laura Sauvage Everything is in Everything The Beautiful
The Shout Out Louds Porcelain Ease My Mind
Valley Queen Hold on You Destroyer EP
Great Grandpa Mostly Here Can Opener
Hundred Waters Firelight Communicating
Deradoorian A Beautiful Woman The Expanding Flower Planet

Music Against the Patriarchy

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