Hialeah Radio covered by TonyYoung on Sat 11/11/17

Garage-Rock from the Airport

Artist Title Album New Local
Shitkid Sugar Town
Nag Blood
Negative Scanner Ivy League Asshole
WALL High Ratings
CFM Diluted Dreams and Land Mines
Cheena Cry for Help
Nots Cruel Friend
Sievehead Invocation
Nag Patterns
No Age Serf to Serf
Taiwan Housing Project Ideal Body Alignment
Ex-Cult Investigators
Good Throb The Queen Sucks Nazi cock
I Believe In UFOs Mystic Inane
Lumpy and the Dumpsters Huff My Sack
Bib No Exit
Perspex Flesh Cleansing Soul
CPC Gangbangs Teenage Crimewave
Gag Locker Room
Urochromes Night Bully
Ausmuteants I Hate You
PC Worship Blank Touch
B Boys Energy
DiCaprio Negative Zone
Uranium Club Who Made the Man?
Die! Die! Die! My Friend Has a Car He Starts With A Hammer
The Mint Chicks Ockham's Razor
Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Sweet Relief
Part Chimp Namekuji
Moon Duo Wilding
Slim Twig Cannabis
The Wytches Double World
Marching Church Stand Among
6" Gold Blade The Birthday Party
Mr. Gasser & The Weirdo's Phantom Surfer

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