Hialeah Radio on Fri 12/1/17

Artist Title Album New
Blotchouts I Am A Polluted River
FITS These Walls Are Made of Shit
Rik & The Pigs America
Complainer Cardboard
Warm Bodies I Need A Doctor
Erik Nervous (Do The) Stimulate
Runt Mazes
Warm Bodies I'm a Snake
Solid Wastoid Product Lust
Bib The Face
Mutual Jerk He's Harmless
Peverts Again My Accident
Cal & The Calories Bastard in a Yellow Suit
The Second Floor You Know the Feeling
Leather Towell The Ozone Layer
Negative Space Zero Hour Contact
Los Caidos No Me Intresa
Vativer Kopfschmerzern
Holiday Dryer Rotten Interiors
Preening Beeters
Plunk 67 Plunkd
Techie Blood Second Tape
Duster Untitled #3
Toyota Rapidprototype

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