Philly Jazz Time on Tue 1/30/18

Artist Title Album New
smiths heaven knows I'm miserable now
everyone's dirty lady liberty
Spacelords Plasma Thruster Water Planet
Devil Music Ensemble The investigation
Rosewood Brothers A Child of Nations
Lazy Salon Trisset
Lazy Salon Autocollants
Myrkur Gladiatrix
Illenium Crawl Outta Love
Melkbelly Cawthra
Melkbelly Helloween
Butthole Surfers Lady Sniff
Melkbelly Kid Kreative
Melkbelly R.O.R.O.B.
Gel Set Unlabled
Gel Set Unknown
Super Heroines Children of the Light
Virgin Prunes Baby Turns Blue
63 Eyes Brainwashed
Ponzo Bambonzo Unknown
Mr. Pants Alterna-Fluff
mr pants unreal
mitski i don't smoke

Philly Jazz Time

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