Music Against the Patriarchy on Thu 5/3/18

just Nick

Artist Title Album Local
Shopping Asking for a Friend The Official Body
Speedy Ortiz Buck me Off Twerp Verse
Little Big League Boyish Tropical Jinx
The Courtneys Minnesota II
Remember Sports Calling Out split with Pllush
Bad Moves Cool Generator single
Hiccup Lady Macbeth & Miss Havisham Imaginary Enemies
Caroline Rose Soul No. 5 LONER
Weaves Take a Dip s/t EP
O' Broken Necks O.K.
Swanning Downtown Drawing Down the Moon
Sourpatch Crushin' Crushin'
Anomie So Long s/t EP
Bleeding Rainbow So You Know Interrupt
Empath The Eye Liberating Guilt and Fear
Worriers Gaslighter Survival Pop
Yazan Hahaha Hahaha
Mdou Moctar Amer Lyn Sousoume Tamachek
Loma Relay Runner Loma
Palehound Pet Carrot Bent Nail EP

Music Against the Patriarchy

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