Snack Time on Fri 7/27/18

Artist Title Album
----- Cynabel ----- ----- Show Mix -----
Future James love u down
Ohayo! its raining and i keep thinking of you
nvthan x park bird Dance in the Living Room ft. Forrest x ok2222
Flamingosis Flight Fantastic ft. Birocratic
LakeyInspired Doing Just Fine
s.lyre Unconditional
Fossa Beats x Thomas White I Promise ft. Lia
Ryan Playground Pie in the Sky ft. Robert Robert
92elm No Love
vxnys Nostalgia
Twiddy The Birds
Sofasound Radiant Glow ft. Nick Anthony
Honne Shrink
RVKIT Trilobite
Mileece Plusic
Mimikyu x Sayuw sono-uchi
Elmount Drowsy in Your Warmth ft. maddiedoesnotexist
Nate Glyn Couldn't Tell You ft. Grace
Daisy Down Here (it's quiet)
Charles Nimbus Light Pillar
Ben Khan The Green
Fossa Beats x Thomas White Don't Let Go
Sayuw Sleep and Dream ft. Dion
----- Artsea ----- ----- Guest Mix -----
Thrupence Prelude
Sleepdealer Home
Jack Cates Finally
Late June Hurt
Hanz I'll Be Okay
Rad Hatter x Still Haze Rift
Laxcity Sunset
Artsea Test
allem iversom When We
Artsea Mother of Mind
Still Haze Drowning (prod. Carlo Frick)
Evence Memories
allem iversom Your Eyes
Thrupence Loft
jhfly 3am
artsea Two (w. sintra)
Carlo Frick Cardboard
Shrimpnose The Thread Between Us pt. 1
allem iversom suns out
Hanz Conflicted
Holy Other Past Tension

Snack Time

Ben . Cynabel
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