Cinematic Jams on Fri 8/24/18


Artist Title Album
Anna Meredith Rhododendron Eighth Grade
Rob Simonsen Tully Tully
Anne Nikitin In Too Deep American Animals
Jon Brion Tabla Punch-Drunk Love
Wendy Carlos Tron Scherzo Tron
Gustavo Santaolalla Hiding It Babel
Daniel Pemberton Life Out Of Balance Steve Jobs
James Newton Howard The Venture Departs King Kong
Joe Hisaishi Ashitaka and San Princess Mononoke
Bear McCreary A Monster Hypothesis Colossal
Michael Kamen Souls Don't Die The Iron Giant
Fernando Velázquez Devil Devil
Bear McCreary Roar! Cloverfield
Philip Glass, Burkhard Dallwitz Anthem-Part 2 The Truman Show
Jerry Goldsmith Main Title Alien
Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross In Motion The Social Network
Nicholas Britell You Don't Even Know Moonlight
Howard Shore The Asylum The Silence of the Lambs
Michael Abels Hypnosis Get Out
Hans Zimmer Old Souls Inception

Cinematic Jams

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Playing songs composed for, featured in, and inspired by film.