Electric Zoo on Tue 9/25/18

Artist Title Album New
Jo Passed Glass Their Prime
the lavender Flu Dream Cleaner Mow The Glass
Vallens Occured Dimmed In My Display
The Voice Says (Feat. Charlie Kim) Kasbo, Charlie Kim Places We Don't Know
Lady Legs Real Thing Holy Heatwave
Bolkhead Whiplash Aft Pressure
Chad Valley Impartial Imaginary Music
Remember Sports Up From Below Slow Buzz
Pllush Big Train Stranger to The Pain
Wax Chattels Stay Dissapointed Wax Chattels
Fit Of Body Migration Black Box No Cops
Valley Queen Ride Ride
Dr. Dog Say Something Easy Beat
Leathermouth Bodysnatchers 4 Ever XO
Laurel Halo Mercury Raw Silk Uncut Wood
Helvetia Rybro Nothing In Rambling
Professor Muder Free Stress Test Professor Murder
Gomorra, Dersu Underwater Padme
Panda Bear Nod to the folks A Day With the Homies
Swim Mountain Ticket Swim Mountian
Gang Gang Dance A) Glory In Itself B) Egyptian God's Money
Vundabar Holy Toledo Antics
Chaz Bundick Meets The Mattson 2 Son Moi Star Stuff
Nothing Plastic Migraine Dance on the Blacktop
Ohmme Peach Parts
Melody's Echo Chamber Quand Vas Tu Rentrer Melody's Echo Chamber
Khaira Arby Chris Gossip
Beloved Binge Bill's Off Broadway Pockets
XTC Complicated Game Drums and Wires

Electric Zoo

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Electric Zoo