Cinematic Jams on Mon 11/5/18

Jimmity jams.

Artist Title Album
Michael Giacchino The Suite at the El Royale Bad Times at the El Royale
John Carpenter Halloween Theme - Main Title Halloween
Joseph Bishara Demon Clled The Conjuring 2
Jerry Goldsmith End Title Alien
William Peter Blatty Fantasia for Strings The Exorcist
Rachel Elkind, Wendy Carlos Main Title Theme (Dies Irae) The Shining
Nathan Whitehead Commencement The Purge: Anarchy
Goblin Sighs Suspiria
Marco Beltrami Babyproofing / Bonfire A Quiet Place
Mark Korven William and Tomasin The VVitch
Michael Abels Hypnosis Get Out
Colin Stetson Reborn Hereditary
James Newton Howard Malcolm's Story / Cole's Secret The Sixth Sense
David Julyan Drive to the Cave The Descent
Charles Bernstein Main Title A Nightmare on Elm Street
Harry Manfredini Overlay of Evil / Main Title Friday the 13th
Jerry Goldsmith Ave Satani The Omen

Cinematic Jams

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Playing songs composed for, featured in, and inspired by film.