Electric Zoo on Wed 2/13/19

Artist Title Album New
Mr. Fingers Qwazars Outer Acid EP
Todd Rundgren The Spark of Life Todd
Magical Power Mako Trance Resonance Trance Resonance
Pas/Cal The Bronze Beached Boys Metamorphosis
Ravi Shankar Alap The Sound of the Sitar
Walter Schreifels Arthur Lee's Lullaby An Open Letter to the Scene
Fei-Fei Never Even Really Thrill WIll Kill You
Hookworms Static Resistance Static Resistance
How To Dress Well Body Fat The Anteroom
Paddlefish Cinecyde Spill Me!
J Fernandez Unwind Occasional Din
Lala Lala Scary Movie The Lamb
Angel of the Odd Sheila Radio Tyoko Tapes Volume 4
Dark Sea Dream "Not Till You Pull That Trigger, Boy" Dark Sea Dream
The Melvins God Glow Peace through Chemistry
Empty Markets Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
Eggplant Going to Maine Monkey Bars

Electric Zoo

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Electric Zoo