Electric Zoo on Wed 3/6/19

Artist Title Album New
Octo Octa Bodies Meld Together For Lovers
Cabaret Voltaire Kneel to the Boss #7885 Electropop to Techopop 1978-1985
Candle Candle Save Me Save Me
Korine Heaven's servants New Arrangements
Flippers Bablik Ako Minsan Pa
Cass McCombs Estrella Tip of the Sphere
Hollywood Milk Point That Thing at Me/ Rommel Drives Me Into Egypt Warts and All
YOUAREHERE Internation Klein Blue Plus Ultra
McGarnagle Temporal Causality Loop Contact Low
The Twilight Sad VTr It Won/t Be Like This All The Time
Smug What It's Worth Gorgeous
Sour Spirit Flesh Off My Palms INTENT: Experimental Music in Solidarity with Baltimore Protestors
Drums Like Machines Pay What You Owe Technicolor Hell
Satoshi Ashikawa Still Space Kankyo Ongaku: Japanese Ambient
Lucy The Hermit The Hermit / The High Preistess
The Afterglows Born Again The Afterglows
Anemone Sunshine (Back to the Start) Beat My Distance
Mozes and the Firstborn If I Dadcore
N0v3l To Whom It May Concern Novel
RQE 5.14.18 5.14.18
Doc Flippers Cryonic Shizzle Cryonic Shizzle
Hermit High Prietess The Rake's Wave Hermit High Priestess
Lock Flippers Say What Wasted Time
Karama Flippers Holy Milk
Static Borthers Edit Gein Obstetric Trash
Nina Keali'wahamana and The Hiram Olsen Group Marching In Honolulu Authentic Polynesian

Electric Zoo

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