Electric Zoo on Wed 4/10/19

Artist Title Album New
fIREHOSE Sometimes if'n
Flipper Ever Album - Generic Flipper
Blessed Disease Salt
American Football Silhouettes LP3
Chai Fashionista Punk
Pop-O-Pies Pop-O-Rap Pop-O-Anthology
Human Hands I Got Mad Bouncing To Disc
Crystal Castles Alice Practice Crystal Castles
Loose Tooth Dog Year Big Day
Guerilla Toss Dog In The Mirror GT Ultra
Modern Baseball Hiding Holy Ghost
Title Fight Dizzy Hypernight
Jank This Is A Song About My Bike Ralph Versace Summer
Smashing Pumpkins Cupid De Locke Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness
Smashing Pumpkins Bodies Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness
Placebo Hang On To Your IQ Placebo
Joy Again Mistakes Joy Again EP
Protomatyr Dope Cloud The Agent Intellect
Public Access T.V. On Location Never Enough
Tigers Jaw Arms Across America Tigers Jaw
Dion The Wanderer The Best of Dion
Joyce Manor Video Killed the Radio Star Of All Things I Will Soon Grow Tired
black midi Crow's Perch Crow's Perch
Black Drumset There's A Shark In The Boat Charged
Drugdealer Fools Raw Honey
Applesauce Tears Daft and Adorable Woolly
Mirel Wagner The Dirt When The Celler Children See The Light Of Day
Mr. Little Jeans The Suburbs Pocketknife
Mr. Centipede Legitimate Beef Dirt Jokes
Sea Moss Knock Knock Joke Bidet Dreaming

Electric Zoo

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