Kick It! on Mon 4/29/19

Artist Title Album New
Diet Cig Sixteen Swear I'm Good At This
Richard Pichura Higher Single
Smug What It's Worth Gorgeous
PUP Kids Morbid Stuff
Paramore Fences RIOT!
Remo Drive The Grind Single
Basement Are You The One Single
Bad Bad Hats Dunno Why Wide Right
Aaron Taos Control Birthday Boy
The Obessives Nodding Off Heck No, Nancy
Oso Oso the cool the yunahon mixtape
Slaughter Beach, Dog Pretty O.K. Audiotree Live Session
Save Face Folly (On The Rocks) Single
Retirement Party Passion Fruit Tea Somewhat Liberate
Joyce Manor Last You Heard of Me Cody
Stella Donnely Old Man Beware of the Dogs
Eerie Wanda Sleepy Eyes Pet Town
Cokie The Clown Punk Rock Saved my Life You're Welcome
The Wonder Years Mike Kennedy Is A Bad Friend Sleepin on Trash
Various Artists I'll Be There For You Friends Theme
Real Friends Get By Composure
Green Knuckle Material Queen of Dragons Queen of Dragons
Heart Attack Man Fake Blood Fake Blood
City Mouth Every Single Word City Mouth
The Front Bottoms Lipstick Covered Magnet Rose
Cyberbully Mom Club Love Soft Footware
AJJ People Ii: The Reckoning People Who Can Eat...
Paper Mache Always Waiting Motions Within
Wyndup Kid Party in The Desert Single
Twin Beds Letting It Gets Easier
Sidney Gish Friday Night Placebo Ed Buys Houses
Chris Wright, Limbo You're The Reason Single
gnash imagine if single
Told Slant Green Nail Polish Going By

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It's been a minute but Kick It! is back \m/ Join me as you skate, mentally dissociate from the end of a work day, or procrastinate studying every Tuesday 3-4 as we explore indie, folk, emo, punk, alternative, whateveri'minthemoodofor
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