Electric Zoo on Wed 5/1/19

Artist Title Album New
Altopalo Mud Mud
Sotiria Bellou O Naftis O Naftis
Tom Rogerson, Brian Eno Idea of Order at Kyson Point Finding Shore
Schooner Feel Better Duck Kee Sessions
Jennie Lawless I Want to Believe Two Songs
Tortoise Yonder Blue The Catastrophist
Show Me The Body Metallic Taste Body War
Quiet Hours Cliff Hanger Quiet Hours
The Molochs I Wanna Say To You Flowers in the Spring
Ritual Howls Alone Together Rendered Armor
No Age Things I Did When I Was Dead Nouns
Jerkclub Voodoo Saloon Voodoo Saloon
Citizen's Utilities Roadkill Lost and Foundered
Acetone Louise 1992-2001
Sam Gendel, Sam Wilkes THEEM AND VARIATION Music for Saxofone & Bass Guitar
Fugazi Afterthought Instrumental Soundtrack
These New Puritains Attack Music Hidden
Mount Kimbie SP12 Beat Love What Survives
Teen Daze Dream City Themes For Dying Earth
Oh Shu, Bioman Fano Villa Tereze
The Rungs Trees Trees
Spaceman 3 Lord Can You Hear Me? Late Night Tales: MGMT
BOAN Babylon Mentiras
0181 000 0007 00110100 01010100 018
Did You Die Channel Swimmer Royal Unicorn
Broken Social Scene Memory Lover Let's Try The After
Los Straitjackets Game of Thrones Channel Surfing
M83 Run Into Flowers Dead Cities, Red Seas, & Lost Ghosts
Boredoms Pop Can Wow2
Phillip Glass, Phillip Glass Ensemble Floe (remix) Glassworks
Scott Gilmore E70 No. 01 Subtle Vertigo

Electric Zoo

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Electric Zoo