Kick It! on Mon 6/3/19

Artist Title Album New Local
Florist 1914 The Birds...
awakebutstillinbed life what people call...
Stella Donnelly Season's Greetings Beware of the Dogs
Pezzettino Home Resin
Shannen Moser Haircut Song I'll Sing
Thin Lips Gaslight Anthem Chosen Family
Kississippi This Song Used To Be... We Have No Future...
Sidney Gish Friday Night Placebo Ed Buys Houses
Wild Child Anna Maria The Runaround
The Poms You're The Kind of Person... Minivans...
Summer Salt A Love Song The Places...
IAN SWEET 2soft2chew Shapeshifter
Mal Blum The Bodes, The Zombies Tempest in A Teacup
Little Big League Boyish Tropical Jinx
Foxanne Little Hands halfling
Diet Cig Harvard Over Easy
Coping Skills Bagel Fruit Water Worst New Music
Phoebe Green Sagittarius 02:00 AM
Mexico City Blondes Out to Dry Blush
The Coathangers Bimbo The Devil You Know
Cate Le Bon Daylight Matters Reward
Petal Camera Lens II Shame
Soccer Mommy Benadryl Dreams Collection
Ratboys Tixis AOID
The Moldy Peaches NYC's Like A Graveyard The Moldy Peaches
Gouge Away Dis S O C I a T I O N Burnt Sugar
Camp Cope Jet Fuel... Camp Cope
Bad Bad Hats Fight Song Psychic Reader
P.S. Eliot Incoherent Love Songs Introverted Romance
Beach Bunny Sports Sports
Snail Mail Pristine Lush
Nervous Dater Bad Spanish Don't Be A Stranger
Mannequin Pussy Romantic Romantic

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It's been a minute but Kick It! is back \m/ Join me as you skate, mentally dissociate from the end of a work day, or procrastinate studying every Tuesday 3-4 as we explore indie, folk, emo, punk, alternative, whateveri'minthemoodofor
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