A Dose of Doses on Wed 7/17/19

My friend Kazmuir was in the studio shout out to her!
Check out Rubber's new single when it comes out Friday 19th!
See you next week :)

Artist Title Album Label New Local
Dwele Feels So Good Sketches of a Man
NASAYA Midnight Purple Midnight Purple
Nakala Curious Curious
Rhi Swagger Swagger
Woolymammoth I Don't Know, Love Meridian
PYRMDPLAZA Didn't Know Didn't Know
Carter Ace If It Don't Work If It Don't Work
pscila Loyalty Loyalty
Cynny Let Me Go Let Me Go
Ta'East 72-10 Okay I'm Ready- EP
Torbio Household Capicua! EP
Tyler Cole 1000% 1000%
Devin Tracy GOODTHANG (Callin') GOODTHANG (Callin')
Ta-ku White White
Noah Slee Soulflower Soulflower
J Warner Strawbery Moon Strawbery Moon
Rubber Won't Come Back Won't Come Back WORLD PREMIERE!
Zikomo Toast Toast
SAIGO Thieves Thieves
Ayelle Worst Way Worst Way
Gigi Lo Let You In Let You in
K. Forest Silent Silent
Mikhala Jene Bless Ya Carolina Blues
Nylo Subtitles Subtitles
Lyrica Anderson Don't Take It Personal Adia
Dizzy Fae Altar No GMO Mixtape
Basecamp In My Veins In My Veins
Mars Parker KillSwitch Eyes Wide Shut
Thestand4rd Pretty Thestand4rd
Persian Empire Homeofficegirl ABOUT//BLANK
ABAKOS Samuel Solar Solider
Girls of the Internet U Changed HUMBLE
Morabeza Tobacco TTYL Morabeza Tobacco
Avery R. Young Ms. Lee Tubman.

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