A Dose of Doses on Wed 7/24/19

Hey Guys just me in the studio today! Nothing special, just playing some fire music!
Lot of local artist today too
See you next week! (depending on the weather next week might the best playlist ever ;)

Artist Title Album Label Local
The Hics Cold Air Tangle- EP 2013
Lee Harris You Need Lhxp 2019
Flwr Chyld Luv 2 U Iridescent Luv 2019
Joe Turner Stay Retina/Stay- Single 2019
Carlos do Complexo Afrofuturista Afrofuturista- Single 2019
Julius Crumble Crumble-Single 2019
Geo Go Remember Me, Pt 1 2019
Kaden Only One Only One- Single 2019
Iris Temple Real The Ones We Love 2019
EYUKALIPTUS That's Love That's Love- Single 2019
K, Lee Maestro One for the Players One for the Players 2018
AN TY Intrepid Intrepid- Singe 2019
Golden Vessel Control Control- Single 2015
aiwake Tonight (Sundown) Tonight- Single 2019
Emerlyd Do It Young 2019
Dpat Redeye Left Unsaid 2019
Jadu Heart Harry Brompton's Ice Tea Harry Brompton's Ice Tea- Single 2017
Lakim Consciousness Nightfall 2018
Chrissy Spratt Lnly Lnly- Single 2019
Made In Heights Ghosts Without My Enemy What Would I Do 2015
ABRA Roses Rose 2015
Sophie Faith Late Nights Late Nights- Single 2019
Tek. lun Cliffs of Desolation Cliffs of Desolation 2019
Kyle Dion Another Life Painting Sounds 2016
Jay Wile Help Myself Bloom Series 2019
Hollowlove River of Crows Hollowlove 2019
Jae Stephens Headlights Headlights- Single 2018
Roi Lush Sign Me Up Triple Crown 2016
ALEXDAYO Sit Back Sit Back- Single 2019
Gabe Gurnsey Temazzy Physical 2019
Max Swan 155 The Fisherman 2018
Balmour You Need It Unplugged 2018
Chynna practice music to die 2 2017
ASCXNSION Watch Ur Back Dripping Gold 2018

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