A Dose of Doses on Wed 7/31/19

Hey guys, today's a little different as I've created playlist specifically for when it rains (its gonna rain today I checked the weather) I will have the Spotify link to the playlist as well as some other songs added to the playlist that I can't play on the radio or I just don't have enough time to play them.
Hope you enjoy! See you next week :)
Playlist Link-https://open.spotify.com/playlist/5HW2F1mdZLkTUeymugs0Ac

Artist Title Album Label New Local
Lone Spirals (feat Anneka) Galaxy Garden 2012
Alex Isley Into Orbit Love/ Art Memoirs 2012
Amber Olivier When It's Over Amber Olivier 2018
ARZLEE Castaway Summer Love 2018
Brandon Banks Blue Tides 2018
Cyril Hahn Slow (feat Rochelle Jordan) Voices 2014
Leon Vynehall St. Sinclair Music for the Uninvited 2014
Marie Dahlstrom In The Morning Nine 2017
Marsha Ambrosius Flood NYLA 2018
Morabeza Tobacco Almost Home Morabeza Tobacco 2019
Natalie Duncan Lies Lies- Single 2015
Sevdaliza Martyr Martyr- Single 2019
Sofasound Below the Surface Below the Surface- Single 2018
Stwo With You 92 2017
Wesley Curtis Won't Stop (feat ELLYANA) 3am 2019
Yore Angel Eyes EP1 2018
ABISU Love Does Not Always Compute (feat Amorphous) Love Does Not Always Compute- Single 2019
chigratt Do You Mind? ... and Suddenly, I Fell In Love with You 2019
JMSN Alone Priscilla 2012
Abhi// Dijon Twelve 2014 2015
Always Never Hopeless Always Never 2018
TYuS Everday's Gonna Rain Everyday's Gonna Rain- Single 2019
syd B Sweet N Low Water Me 2019
Ryan Trey Break On Monday august 2018
Arin Ray Who Came Up Missin Platinum Fire 2018
Thestand4rd Simple Needs Thestand4rd 2014
BEA1991 I See Trouble Brand New Adult 2019
Siara Shawn Islands Islands- Single 2018
Fka Twigs & Inc. Fka x inc Fka x inc 2014
The Code Azure Blue Electronica 2016
Machinedrum Gunshotta Vapor City 2013
Orion Sun Journal Entry Journal Entry-Single 2017

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