A Dose of Doses on Wed 8/14/19

Another week, another playlist. Next week's gonna be exciting though! Trust me

Artist Title Album Label Local
Jazz Cartier Tell Me (feat River Tiber) Hotel Paranoia 2016
Daisy Maybe Cinnamon Cinnamon/Stop 2019
Jasmie Thompson take care take care-single 2019
anais lost my faith lost my faith-single 2019
alex martian sparrow sparrow-single 2019
Meteologist DR I Day First 2018
Monte Booker New Chapter New Chapter- Single 2016
Kallitechnis running running-single 2019
Denita and Sene Divided Divided-single 2015
Asiahn Time Love Train 2017
Alexander Lewis Jane 7 Day 2015
Mount Kimbie Maybes (James Blake Remix Mount Kimbie Remixes Pt.1 2010
Sunni Colon Technicolor Satin Psicodelic 2018
Anyee Wright Off the Wall Off the Wall-single 2018
Andrea Valle Trust Trust-Single 2018
Xander Cherish Sad Boy 2018
Che Ecru Lonley buries 2017
PLAZA Run This SHADOW 2016
Verzache Prudent Prudent-single 2017
Friendly Fires Pala Pala 2011
Mister Lies High (feat Harrison Lipton) Shadow 2015
Evertt Orr Can't Let You Go Can't Let You Go 2016
VHOOR Assim Baile Beats 2018
Psymun Talk 2 Me Pink Label 2015
iyla California Raindrops-EP 2018
Yeek Too Fast IDK WHERE 2019
Sam Gellaitry Neptune Viewfinder Vol 1: Phospene 2019
Gaidaa Morning Blue Morning Blue- single 2019
Keyah/Blu Sweet Sweet-Single 2018

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