Electric Zoo on Thu 10/10/19

Artist Title Album New Local
Guerilla Toss Plants What Would the Odd Do?
Jizue junction Gallery
LITE Ring Multiple
NAH Beg With a Shout Michael
Luge Lbs Actual Rock
Strange Ranger Leona Remembering the Rockets
(Sandy) Alex G Hope House of Sugar
The UV Race Inner North Homo
MASS OF THE FERMENTING DREGS Slow-Motion Replay No New World
Reptile Tile To Daniel Reptile Tile vs Human Man
Sunset Rollercoster My Jinji JINJI KiKKO
Sindasops Cuore Batticuore Techno Jazz
Bleached Hard to Kill Don't You Think You've Had Enough
Black Midi Reggae Of Schlagenheim
Orions Belt Ebb Tide/ Small Worlds Slim
Peggy Gou It Makes You Forget (Itehane) Once
Spangle Call Lilli Line toss out it Dreams Never End
Tomoyo Harada Track 7 2018 Album/Debut
Holy Balm One & Only It's You
Elephant Gym Track 4 Elephant Gym on AudioTree
Slowdive When The Sun Hits Souvlaki
Bruno Pernadas Ahhhhhh How Can We Be Joyful in a World Full of Knowledge
Laurie Anderson Let X=X Big Science
The Space Lady Synthasize Me The Space Lady's Greatest Hits

Electric Zoo

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