A Dose of Doses on Fri 11/22/19

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Artist Title Album Label Local
James Tillman Ms. Urbane Silk Noise Reflex 2016
The VAMP Sexy Love (VMIX) Sexy Love (VMIX)- Single 2018
bLAck pARty Bloom Mango 2016
Devin Tracy Favorite Lover Soulection Black Label: Devin Tracy 2018
Kelela Turn to Dust Take Me Apart 2017
ALEANAOP What A Guy Lola, Dancing In The Dark 2019
BOSCO Cruel Cruel-Single 2019
Killiam Shakespeare W.D.Y.K.A.L A Town Called Elsewhere 2018
inc. 5 days No World 2013
Rhi Droned The Pale Queen 2019
Siara Shawn No Halos Tender 2019
Morabeza Tobacco Rene Morabeza Tobacco 2019
Amber Narvan Lastya Speak Up EP 2017
Iris Temple (feat Xavier Omar) Tear You Down Tear You Down-Single 2018
Amber Olivier One Unread Amber Olivier 2017
Elijah Fox(feat Marie Dahlstrom) Not over You Not Over You 2018
Phony Ppl Cookie Crumble mo-za-k 2018
Zacari Don't Trip Don't Trip-Single 2019
Free Nationals On Sight On Sight-Single 2019
Mars Parker Day&Night FRAGILE2 2019
11:11 All Year (PM Version) All Year (PM Version)-Single 2019
Caroline Polachek So Hot You're Hurting My Feelings Pang 2019
Little Dragon In My House Lover Chanting- EP 2018
Abhi/Dijon ecs 2014 2015
Moonchild Back To Me Be Free 2012
JMSN Love Ain't Enough Whatever Makes You Happy 2017
Ler Stevens Slow Down Slow Down-Single 2019
Stwo (feat Sunni Colon) Blue Sky D.T.S.N.T-EP 2016

A Dose of Doses

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