Faucet 2 Drain on Mon 11/25/19

effective. power W/ CONNO

Artist Title Album New Local
Mach Hommy Chiney Brush Wap kon Joj!
MAVI Ghost (in the Shell) Let the Sun Talk
Billy Woods Blood Thinner Terror Management
Dj Screw Short Texas Bigtyme Recordz
Three 6 Mafia Poppin' My Collar Most Known Unknown
Rezzett Boiling D's Goodness
Flying Lotus Satellllliiiiiiiiteee Cosmogramma
Port Henry Tenspeed Hemlock
99jakes Liquid Liquid
Aphex Twin Come to Daddy Come to Daddy EP
Rob Ford Explorer wait... aphex twin is my daddy? s/t
Hella Brown Metal Hold Your Horse Is
Orchid I Am Nietzche Dance Tonight! Revolution Tomorrow!
Kissies Cry Laugh S
Binary The Thrill That Can Kill Say Your Prayers Noone Cares
Schotzi Tar Tar
Iron Lung Care for the Machine Life. Iron Lung. Death.
.giffromgod mandoorhandhookcardoor approximation_of_a_human
Bandit Black Sand Beach Warsaw
The Bastard Noise Lumberton A Culture of Monsters
yuckmouf. Function Split w/ Benadryl Spiders
Dystopia Sleep Split w/ Grief
Plutocracy Rebirth Snipin' Pigz
Eyehategod Peace Thru War Dopesick
Bib Hypnotized Moshpit
Gazm 1800-Cry-Baby Heavy Vibe Music
Type O Negative Summer Breeze Bloody Kisses
Godheadsilo Nap Attack Share the Fantasy
Drive Like Jehu Hand Over Fist Yank Crime
Sure Who Died and Made You?
Shellac Canada Terraform
Unwound Kantina Fake Train
Eye Flys Crushing of the Human Spirit Context
Helmet Born Annoying (1993) Born Annoying
Ride Dreams Burn Down Nowhere
J Boog Ganja Farmer Hear Me Roar

Faucet 2 Drain

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Sounds compiled under duress for the left / right ear.
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