Jammy Jams on Thu 12/19/19

A re-do of the Jammy Jams playlist that the computer deleted because it is mean. Happy Merry Christmas!

Artist Title Album New Local
Shy Boyz Ketchup Man 2 Cool 2 Quit
Carroll Fern Fern
Mannequin Pussy Cream Patience
Voom I Want My Baby Hello, Are You There?
Feet English Weather What's Inside Is More Than Just Ham
Devendra Banhart Kantori Ongaku Ma
Guerilla Toss Plants What Would The Odd Do?
Jessica Pratt Aeroplane Aeroplane
The Roches Big Nuthin' Speak
Alessi Brothers Seabird The Best of the Alessi Brothers
Jay Som Crown Anak Ko
Palberta Sound of the Beat Roach Going Down
Willie Thrasher Wolves Don't Live by the Rules Spirit Child
Crystal Stilts Shake the Shackles In Love With Oblivion
Surface to Air Missive Never Going Out Again Third Missive
Hoops They Say They Say
New Order The Village Power Corruption and Lies
Stove Graduate and Congratulate Is a Toad in the Rain
TOPS The Hollow Sound of the Morning Chimes The Hollow Sound of the Morning Chimes
Hovvdy Feel Tall Heavy Lifter
Omni Flat Earth Networker
Charles Rumback & Ryley Walker Idiot Parade Little Common Twist
Sports Cadillac Everyone's Invited
Orange Juice I Guess I'm Just a Little Too Sensitive The Orange Juice
Deerhoof Palace of the Governors Mountain Moves
Hurry Frustrate You Frustrate You
The War on Drugs Brothers Future Weather
Field Music A New Town Plumb
Guster Total Eclipse of the Heart Satellite EP

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