Snack Time covered by Dominick on Wed 1/1/20

Impromtu all vinyl set | pulled a random record from our library for each letter of the alphabet | there is no M because I grabbed a split LP and played the wrong side

Artist Title Album Local
Alice Donut Sleep Revenge Fantasies of the Impotent
The Bat Mastersons Posion Tribe The Bat Mastersons
Cancerous Growth Some Things Here hmmlmmlum
Daniel Johnston & Eye Band I Feel So High Artistic Vice
Eggplant Loose Ends Sad Astrology
Flash in the Pan Love is a Gun Headlines
Gigolo Aunts Gun Flippin' Out
Honeymoon Killers Room of Doom Honeymoon Killers
Insect Surfers Ex Lion Tamer Wavelength
Jazz Butcher Pineapple Thursday Cult of the Basement
King Snake Roost Talking Turkey Things That Play Themselves
Low Budgets Asthma Attacker Leave Us A Loan
Drums Like Machine Guns 37 Split
No Empathy Ziggy Dusted Freedom of Flesh
Obnox Boogalou Reed Boogalou Reed
Palace Brothers idle hans are the devil's play thing there is no one that won't take care of you
Quit Waiting Earlier Thoughts
Rude Buddha 4D Man Goes To Church
Sex Tide Cabiria's Tetherball Boogie Possession Sessions
Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 Green Eyed Lady Lovelyville
Uriah Heep Echoes in the Dark The Magician's Birthday
Villain Set Trippin' - Jeep Funk Mix Set Trippin'
Weave! Mouthpiece Hysteria Weave
X-Offender After the Bomb Fell Relax in Red
Yello Blue Green Solid Pleasure
Dweezil Zappa Havin' a Bad Day Havin' a Bad Day

Snack Time

Ben . Cynabel
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