Kick It! on Mon 1/6/20

Artist Title Album New Local
awakebutstillinbed opener what people call...
Summer Twins Another Hit Another Hit
Free Cake for Every Creature Be Home Soon Be Home Soon
Fresh Going To Brighton Going to Brighton
Margaux Bouchegnies Cave In More Brilliant is The Hand That Throws the Coin
Kim Gordon Get Yr Life Back No Home Record
Shannen Moser Haircut Song I'll Sing
Girl Band untitled track 1 The Talkies
Thin Lips Never Again Riff Hard
Kississippi Cut Yr Teeth Sunset Blush
Remember Sports Get Bummed Out All of Something
Hop Along How Simple Bark Your Head Off, Dog
IAN SWEET All Skaters Go To Heaven Shapeshifter
Florist The Fear of Losing This If Blue Could Be...
Looming Onward Nailbiter
Camp Cope Jet Fuel Can't Melt Steal Beams Camp Cope
Abby Hoffer Come Back Single
Kate Teague Gilly S/T
Shana Falana Go Higher Darkest Light
Chelsea Wolfe The Mother Road Birth of Violence
Pezzettino Shower Song Resin
Bad Bad Hats Super America It Hurts
Stella Donnelly Boys Will Be Boys Beware of the Dogs
Sidney Gish Friday Night Placebo Ed Buys Houses
The Poms You're the Kind of Person to... Minivans With Broken Breaks
Julien Baker, Pheobe Bridgers, Lucy Dacas Bite The Hand boygenius
Club Sofa Myspace 2009 Club Sofa
Swearin' Untitlted (LA) Fall Into The Sun
Jelani Sei Telephone Telephone
Pinc Louds Babies! Delancey St. Station
Gouge Away Uproar , Dies

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It's been a minute but Kick It! is back \m/ Join me as you skate, mentally dissociate from the end of a work day, or procrastinate studying every Tuesday 3-4 as we explore indie, folk, emo, punk, alternative, whateveri'minthemoodofor
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