Son of Radio Subversion on Sun 1/12/20

Artist Title Album New Local
Rainbow Stargazer Rising
Jeffrey Lewis and the Voltage Dogs of My Neiborhood High Voltage
Walrus Bored to Death Cool To Who
Duster I'm Lost S/T
Dead Mlkmen If You Love Somebody, Set Them on Fire Death Rides a Pale Cow
Commander Cody Truck Stop at the End of the World Let's Rock
Dwarves Big Balls Punk Goes Metal
Bob Mintzer The Visionary I Remember Jaco
Strange Weekend Something Topical Something Topical
Vetiver Wanted, Never Asked Up On High
Wildflowers of America Figure it Out Lost in the Salvation Army
The Shivas Gloria Dark Thoughts
Xarhanga Acid Nightmare Warfaring Strangers: Acid Nightmares
Colosseum The Kettle Valentyne Suite
David Kilgour and the Heavy Eights Steel Arrow Left by Soft
Parsnip Soft Spot When The Tree Bears Fruit
Mermaidens Best to Hate the Man Look Me in the Eye
Strange Weekend Back Out Again (2 am) Diner Witches
Green Buzzard Masquerader Amidst the Clutter and Mess
Crowded House Mansion in the Slums Temple of Low Men
Commander Cody Rockabilly Funeral Let's Rock
Cruelster Why Did They Do That to Me Back Then? Riot Boys
Cruelster American Boots For Who Riot Boys
Blotto Metalhead Collected Works
Iguana Death Cult Carnal Beat Machine Nude Casino
Face to Face Resignation Live in a Dive
UFO Lights Out Lights Out

Son of Radio Subversion

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