Slapbox on Wed 1/15/20

Artist Title Album New Local
Styx Mr. Roboto Kilroy Was Here
Eyeliner Toy Dog Buy Now
Depeche Mode (Set Me Free) Motivate Me Master and Servant - 7" LP
The Colonizers Chewing Gum Blues Chewing Gum Blues
Grimes 4AM 4AEM
eX-Girl The Revenge of Kero Kero Kero! Kero! Kero!
Girl Band Shoulderblades The Talkies
DIAT Toonie Positive Energy
cards in spokes pool party pool party - 7" LP
Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Bass Tijuana Taxi The Beat of The Brass
Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Bass Spanish Flea !!!Going Places!!!
The Garden Clench To Stay Awake Clench Top Stay Awake - Single
The Garden Shameless Shadow Mirror Might Steal Your Charm
Fishmans Wasurechau Hitotoki Orange
Negative Gemini You Weren't There Anymore Bad Baby
Paranoid London (Vi-Vi) Vicious Games (Vi-Vi) Vicious Games - LP
Rose Cologne Last Night S/T
The Brothers Johnson Stomp! N/A
Mary Jane Girls In My House N/A
Zapp I Can Make You Dance N/A
Righeira vamos a la playa vamos a la playa - Single
Fatback Band (Are You Ready) Do The Bus Stop 21 Karat Fatback : Best Of
Flipper's Guitar Groove Tube SINGLES


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