very chill time on Thu 1/16/20

Artist Title Album New Local
essi breathing
the mysterions the turkish delight
fea let me down
Nolan Potter's Nightmare Band elf curse
tortuga black pharoah
red zebra falling apart
Negativland limbo
betty black dandelion
chromatics closer to grey
stoned karma dark karma
Negativland yesterday hates tomorrow
butthole surfers my brothers wife
negativland mounting the puppy
butthole surfers space
poe tune into the cosmos
chromatics track 4
witch in hawaai intor/lost space dimension
ottoman turks beer and woman
ariel view succubus
deer theres no future
lightning bolt usa is psycho
iguana death cult lorraine
fabric x demo
cocteau twins millimillinary
iguana death cult castles in the sand
death and vanilla nothing is real
lightening bolt van halen 2049
death and vanilla vespertine
satans dealer cold as witches tit
satans dealer dancing in the pentagram
No More Rape Chant Feminist Flash mob

a very chill time now

This program is not on the schedule.
Thursday 2-4pm
it's a very chill time