Kick It! on Mon 1/27/20

Artist Title Album New Local
Car Seat Headreast High To Death Twin Fantasy
Tiffany Day FLOWERS Single
Cannon Stan Smiths Single
CHANNA Strangers Single
Z by Z For Sure. Single
Strange Weekend 3-2-1 3-2-1
Margaux Palm More Brilliant is The Hand That Throws the Coin
Menzingers America (You're Freaking Me Out) Hello Exile
Moon Duo Flying Stars Are The Light
Sam Poll Put It Down Put It Down
The Poms Dance With Me Dance With Me
Peaceful Planet Coffee Coffee
Alyssa Garcia Erase Me Erase Me
Ionika LOVE 4 ME LOVE 4 ME
Abby Hoffer Come Back Single
Lonely God Marlboro Nights Marlboro Nights
Cannon These Walls Single
Bodega Shiny New Model Shiny New Model
Berhana Lucky Strike HAN
Matthew Squires American Fever Dream Visions of America
Julia Cooper When We First Met Single
Did I hear Dare Van Gogh Van Gogh
District Title Fire in the Sky Single
Hush Club Bad Timing Live in Cambridge
Chance Emerson Himalaya Single
Abby Cole Ghost Town Ghost Town

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It's been a minute but Kick It! is back \m/ Join me as you skate, mentally dissociate from the end of a work day, or procrastinate studying every Tuesday 3-4 as we explore indie, folk, emo, punk, alternative, whateveri'minthemoodofor
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