60 Minutes More or Less on Mon 2/10/20

Artist Title Album New Local
Jefre Cantu-Ledesma, Felicia Atkinson Indefatigable Purple Limpid as the Solitudes
Helm Body Rushes Chemical Flowers
Cremation Lily, False Moniker Stars That Outline Your Body Opalescent Blue
Tom Cora, Noel Akchote, Alfred Spirlii CAS A3 Paris 1997
John Coltrane Jupiter Interstellar Space
Rashad Becker Dances VII
Meredith Monk, Collin Walcott Cow Song
Kaija Saariho, Alexis Descharmes Pres: I. -
John Cage, Ensemble Music Negativa Rozart Mix
Empath Water
Prelude Francois-Bernard Mache
Eartheater Peripheral Irisiri

60 Minutes More or Less

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