60 Minutes More or Less on Mon 2/24/20

Artist Title Album
Erykah Badu Cel U Lar Device But You Cant Use My Phone
QT Hey QT Hey QT
Charli XCX, Hannah Diamond Paradise Vroom Vroom EP
Iglooghost, Kai Whiston, BABii Lockii XYZ
Le1f Koi Riot Boi
Amnesia Scanner AS Crust AS
Archy Marshall Sex With Nobody A New Place 2 Drown
Empath Soft Shape Active Listening: Night on Earth
Guerrilla Toss Betty Dreams of Green Men GT Ultra
Deerhoof There's That Grin Breakup Song
Show Me the Body Vernon S M T B
Iglooghost Peanut Choker Neo Wax Bloom
Flying Lotus Putty Boy Strut Until the Quiet Comes
:apsung, Nathalie Nedeljkovic Behemoth (Close to You) Jouska
Thundercat Oh Sheit it's X Apocalypse
Groundislava Cool Party Feel Me
Caribou Bowls Swim

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