Son of Radio Subversion on Sun 3/8/20

Stanley Turrentine's smooth Home Again is playing in the background

Artist Title Album New Local
Teenage Fanclub The Concept Bandwagonesque
Velvet Underground Sunday Morning Velvet Underground and Nico
The Gonks My Glamorous Mother Five Things You Didn't Know about the Gonks
The Gonks I'm A Leaker Five Things You Didn't Know About The Gonks
Sean Henry Surf Song A Jump from the High Dive
The Chance 7 Years of Bad Luck Get Outta Philly Compilation
Poppy Last 3 Dollars Snakes of New Jersey
Rudy Ray Moore Dolemite Dolemite Soundtrack
Dead Horse One Gaze The West is the Best
Hum Dreamboat Downward is Heavenward
Rainbow Crimes Into Sunburst Sand We Disappear We Disappear
The Mountain Goats Broom People The Sunset Tree
Leo Kottke 1/2-Acre of Garlic Balance
Stanley Clarke School Days School Days
Keith Hudson Pick A Dub Pick a Dub
Gogol Bordello Sally Gypsy Punks
Screaming Females I Do Singles Too
Guided by Voices Man Called Blunder Surrender Your Poppy Field
The Misteriosos West of Nowhere Get Outta Philly compilation
UFO Doctor Doctor Phenomenon
Wildflowers of America All You Knew Lost in the Salvation Army
Wildflowers of America Freak on the Street Lost in the Salvation Army
Susumu Hirasawa A Drop Filled With Memories Paprika Soundtrack
Battles Titanium 2 Step Juice B Crypts
Cheerleader Non-Stop Almost Forever
British Sea Power Fear of Drowning Decline of British Sea Power
Billy Bragg Island of No Return Back to Basics
Viper I'm In Love With Your Pants Boston: Rock & Roll Anthology Volume #5
Fat Boys All You Can Eat Best of Fat Boys

Son of Radio Subversion

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