Kick It! on Mon 3/9/20

Artist Title Album New Local
Slaughter Beach Dog Bad Fest Dawg
FIDLAR Good Times Are Over Almost Free
Hot Mulligan BCKYRD you'll be fine
King Krule Cellular Man Alive!
Pears Killin Me S/T
Neck Deep Lowlife Lowlife
Fugazi Blueprint Repeater
Joyce Manor This Song Is A Mess But So Am I Cody
Title Fight Head In The Ceiling Fan Floral Green
Basement Fading I Wish I Could Stay Here
Touche Amore Harbor - Live 10 Years / 1000 Shows
La Dispute The Surgeon and the Scientist Vancouver
Balance and Composure Body Language Slow Heart
Seahaven Andreas Reverie Lagoon
Tigers Jaw Never Saw It Coming Tigers Jaw
The World Is... January 10th, 2014 Harmlessness
The Hotelier The Scope of all of this rebuilding Home, Like No Place is There
Foxing Rory The Albatross
Free Throw Randy, I Am The Liquor Bear Your Mind
Michael Cera Palin Laughing Makes It Worse Growing Pains
empire! empire! (I was a lonely estate) How to Make Love Stay What It Takes to Move Forward
Snowing Sam Rudich That Time I Sat in A Pile of Chocolate
Marietta No God In New Jersey As it Were
William Bonney Red River All Ten
Mal Blum I Don't Want To Pity Boy
Origami Angel 24 Hr Drive-Thru Somewhere City
AJJ A Poem Good Luck Everybody
Soccer Mommy Crawling in my Skin Color Theory
Frances Quinlan Lean Likewise
LOSER Lazy Lazy
PUP Bare Hands Morbid Stuff
Beach Slang Dirty Cigarettes Cheap Thrills on a Dead End Street
The Menzingers Anna Hello Exile

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It's been a minute but Kick It! is back \m/ Join me as you skate, mentally dissociate from the end of a work day, or procrastinate studying every Tuesday 3-4 as we explore indie, folk, emo, punk, alternative, whateveri'minthemoodofor
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