The Morning Brew on Mon 9/7/20

On this week's episode, our main topic we discuss about are billionaires and how they have profited more than they should have during the pandemic while American workers are still struggling to make ends meet during these times. After that for our entertainment sector, we talked about the album You Will Never Know Why by the artist Sweet Trip. Lastly to end the show, Bart discussed about a man who used Kraftwerk, Fela Kuti, and other music to try to lure aliens on Earth.

Billionaires during the pandemic:


Artist Title Album
Miynt Peaches Stay on Your Mind
HMLTD Satan, Luella & I West of Eden
CJ Music Secret Tunnel Secret Tunnel

The Morning Brew

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Just when you thought we couldn’t do a morning show! The Morning Brew, with DJ hosts El Barto & Miss Maddie, brings to you an hour or so of chit-chats varying from news, music and more. On top of this, you can also expect talks with guests from WKDU, as well as interviews from artists!